My mother in law planted sweet potatoes on our backyard and I think it’s now ready for harvest. We planned to harvest it next week but  I am not sure if we can harvest lots of sweet potatoes but I am hoping we will have more of it.

While thinking about those sweet potatoes, I am now planning to gather sweet potato recipes so our family will enjoy those sweet potatoes from our backyard. I’m still searching for a better recipe. I am thinking of Sweet Potato Salad Recipe but I will have to find another one so I can have a variety in the foods I’m going to prepare. Do you have something to share?

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  1. this is one thing i need..would to make ginataan eh..hope to find it in an asian shop nearby..

  2. guinataang halo-halo, camote cue or camote fries! 🙂

    check this too- 🙂 they have several camote recipes.

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