The Pink Ribbon

I guess most of you have already seen the famous pink ribbon. Did you know what is it all about?

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The pink ribbon is a symbol in the fight against breast cancer. It has been used since the early 90s and it has gained popularity as breast cancer logo around the world. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can find the pink ribbon in goods and products where sponsors donate their proceeds to the cause of providing breast cancer awareness.

In the Philippines, a lot of groups are now making every effort to spread awareness on breast cancer. In fact next week, a friend of mine invited me to support their breast cancer awareness activities. I have not confirmed my attendance yet, but I am very willing to support her in anyway I can.

Will you also help fight against breast cancer? You can actually do a lot of things. You can use the pink ribbon to remind people about defeating breast cancer. You can share this Facebook especially on breast cancer awareness month. You can also buy items on the market that has the pink ribbon logo. In doing so, you are supporting the cause and helping everyone to get know about breast cancer and how they can prevent it.

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