Understanding TMJ

 photo TMJ_zpsb50a017d.jpgA TMJ is known as temporomandibular joint. It is a small joint that is located in front of the ear and it permits the lower jaw to move and function. This joint is known to be the most used joint in the body because we use this joint everyday. Every time we talk, sing, eat, yawn, breath we are using the temporomandibular joint or commonly known as TMJ.

Since this is the most used joint in the body, people usually have TMJ problems. Problems occur when you feel like you can’t open your mouth in full and when you experience a clicking, popping and cracking sound in your jaw. Sometimes you can feel a pain as you hear those sounds in your jaw.

According to medical experts, one cause of developing TMJ problems is Arthritis. People who grind their teeth while sleeping at night are prone to this. Other causes includes displacements of the disk which is found on the jawbone and this is the reason why you hear a clicking, cracking or popping sound in your jaw. The displacement of the disk also limits the jaw movement which is the reason why you can’t open your mouth wide.

Having a TMJ problem is not easy. Symptoms include migraine,  headache, jaw pain, neck pain, pain in the shoulders, ear, eye and even in the face. Most of the time these symptoms have a dental cause. For an immediate help, you can easily visit a TMJ dentist to help you with your problem.You can check out Abbotsford TMJ dentist because they can provide you with a free TMJ diagnosis and consultation.

Don’t just ease the pain of having a TMJ problem and don’t let your life be ruined by it. It’s time to act now and do something about it.

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