Why Filipinos Love Korean Movies?

I would say that I am one of those Filipinos who patronize Korean Dramas on TV. Recently, I am hooked to GMA-7’s “Lie to Me” because I find it funny. I also have watched different Korean Dramas and I was thinking why most of the Korean shows I saw rates well with the Filipino viewers?

One of the reasons why Korean dramas are a hit to the Filipino viewers is the realistic storyline. They provide a storyline that will sink to the awareness of the viewers. They love the drama because they can relate to the scenes and the plot of the story. The most common plot you can find are stories about family and how they resort to paternity testing in order to know who the real father is. Another common storyline is on betrayal, revenge and how the actors succeed at the end. Basically, the storyline connects the audience to the drama.

Moreover, the twist and turns of the drama is very surprising. No one is ever getting bored watching because it builds interests on the viewers. Added with the sense of humor, Filipinos love to laugh and some light and funny moments in the drama allows them to enjoy it even more.

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