Yummy Sunday # 102

Suman from Kath in the Kitchen

This “Suman” reminds me of my grandmother who loves to cook suman. Whenever we have special gatherings at home, my “Nanay” as what we fondly call her never fails to cook her specialty. At the age of 7, I have learned the skills of wrapping a suman because my grandma taught me how to do it. The most difficult was wrapping a suman with palm leaves, this type of suman is known as “Suman sa Ibus” in Tagalog.

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  1. happy YS mommy bogs!!!

  2. yay thanks kaayo bogs! happy YS! (naka mata diay ko hehe)

  3. mommy-chef-wannabe

    New participant here for Yummy Sunday :D. BTW, I added you in my Blogroll, subscribed via email using mommychefwannabe(@)gmail(.)com and followed on NB 😀
    Have a blessed week!

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