Yummy Sunday 13: Filipino Food – "Puto"


Puto is a steamed rice cake popular in the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines. Steaming, a popular cooking method in this country along with boiling and roasting, was incorporated into Filipino cuisine and cooking by other Asian countries. Rice, the main ingredient in this dish, is an important staple for the Philippines. Rice is typically eaten in most meals and has been known to be featured in all types of sweet and savory Filipino dishes. Puto is usually eaten as a dessert, but can also be eaten for breakfast dipped into or paired with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate.

There are many variations to the recipe ranging from the type of rice used to the method in which the rice is prepared. In its traditional form, puto is of a plain white color. Adding certain common Filipino ingredients like ube and pandan (made from pandan leaves or Pandanus amaryllifolius slightly changes the flavor and completely changes the color of the finished product. Likewise, food coloring can be added to change the putoโ€™s color but still keep its original flavor. (Source: Wikipedia)

The photo above is the “puto” prepared by my classmates during our culinary arts class. It’s a variation of a puto carrot with cheese on top. Yummy!

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  1. i was absent last week, sorry, had to deal with some stuff.

    the puto looks yummy, I like puto with salted egg and cheese.

  2. It does seem that anyone is into these kinds of stuff just lately. Donโ€™t actually grasp it nevertheless, but yet thanks attempting to make clear it.

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