Yummy Sunday #135: Prawn Crackers

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t visited your entry last week because of my busy schedule. I will make a late visit later this evening.


Here’s my colorful prawn crackers which I cooked a few weeks ago and my little cousins loved it.

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  1. delish and colorful crackers 🙂 visiting from Yummy Sunday.

  2. was here…i miss prawn crackers…we have it here but, not as good as Pinoy foodies

  3. Love prawn crackers! And as colorful like these? How can I say no? 🙂

  4. Left my entry for this week! Oh my, those pawn crackers looks so good! I am imagining of dipping them in vinegar like chicharons or pork cracklings! Yummm!

  5. colorful lagi. ga-e ko ani puhon, hehe. just submitted my entry now.

  6. Wow, nice naman so colorful!

  7. back here late but done visiting other entries…anyway, i love the pastel colors, just perfect for a party. have a great week. 🙂

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