Yummy Sunday 39: Who Likes Seafood?

Happy Weekend!

Do you like seafood? My husband likes it a lot! If I am not allergic to it, I would definitely like it too.  I love the smell of the shrimps that I sometimes have a piece of it. When it comes to crabs, I don’t eat it because honestly, I don’t know how to eat it. When hubby is eating crabs, I usually look at him and watch which parts are to be eaten and which parts are not. When it comes to squid, I totally have no problem at it. I can eat squid not matter what type of cooking.

How about you? Share your thoughts on seafoods.  Happy Yummy Sunday everyone!

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  1. I love seafoods…I miss the shelled sa-ang ng Surigao ..he..he…glad to be back here..Bogs pakiupdate pala ng link ko to http://tastyexploration.com. Thanks:)

  2. Oh I so love seafoods. Sarsp!

  3. I love seafoods esp. the hipon. Nangangati ako pero kain pa rin.

  4. That is my favorite seafood!! Love it! Happy weekend!

    YS-Beef liver stir fry

  5. I love sea food too especially crab. Your entry is mouth watering ,yummy.

  6. I love seafood too 😀 especially shrimps/ prawns, squid, tuna and salmon.

  7. hello..greetings to u.. i love seafood.. so much that my cholesterol has gone up 🙂

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