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Yummy Sunday 4: Pizza & Lasagna

orogardens 021

Last Sunday, we had a dry picnic with the family at Oro Gardens. Actually, my brother in law wanted to invite us for a dinner because he was promoted from his job. Since eating in a restaurant would be time consuming and also a bit expensive, we opt to have a dry picnic at Oro Gardens.

My brother in law ordered food from Greenwich. The photo above is what they call the Greenwich Pizza Overload. We also had the Hawaiian Pizza but we didn’t consumed it as we were already full. One of the foods that I enjoyed most was the “Lasagna”. The photo doesn’t looks so Yummy but it was indeed very, very yummy. Oh, I wanna have another of this today!

orogardens 022

Do you have any food photo that you would like to share? Please join me for a Yummy Sunday post. Please click the Mr. Linky link to add your name and URL. Don’t forget to visit other participants too.

A Yummy Sunday to all of you!!!

7 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday 4: Pizza & Lasagna”

  1. Bogs, join pud my newly created food meme be, FROM MY KITCHEN… at MORE FOOD ADVENTURES.. pang build up ug traffic.. ahehehe..

    Thanks daan…

  2. this looks so yummy, Bogie :-); will join the yummy sunday next sunday for sure; thanks for inviting me :-)!

  3. bogie, done posting but, i really don’t know how to add the mister linky in my post…sorry…But, your banner,it link to your blog…so, i guess, okay ra noh?

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