Yummy Sunday 57: Seafood Dish

This is one yummy seafood dish from a Japanese restaurant here in our city. It looks delicious on the photo but its more delicious when you got to try it.  Have a Happy Yummy Sunday!

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  1. my favorite! Have a Blessed Sunday!

  2. looks yummy, never try this yet.

  3. oh i think I entered the wrong link and I cannot undo it…sowwy.

    my entry for the week is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/09/burger-mushroom-steak.html

  4. Where’s my linky bogs? cant link…

  5. wow, i love the shrimps!

  6. hi sis, wow I always love shrimps.. yours seems yummy… just posted mine..

  7. It’s yummy… love it, kaya lang fatty, hehe!
    Btw, the code you provided below your picture is not working…

  8. this is yummy to the max. Pwede makahingi? lol!

  9. oo nga sarap nito… thanks for sharing, I’m drooling, lol!

  10. with a grateful heart

    love it, lalo na ang asawa ko…

  11. Looks real good. Maybe we should try that one of these days.

    It’s my first time here in Yummy Sunday.

  12. yum yum yum…my fav shrimp kaya bihira akong bumili nito kasi mahal nyahaha.

  13. sarap talaga pag seafood:)

  14. ang sarap, the shrimps looks really good. pakagat naman!

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