Banana chips are deep fried slices of unripe bananas, covered with sugar or honey. The chips are crispy and have a sweet taste. But when I was in Thailand, it was my first time to have tasted a salty banana chips. Instead of covering the banana chips with sugar, you can have the salt for a variety.

banana chipsToday, I will be sharing to you a banana chips that is covered with sugar. As you will see in the photo, the banana chip has a glossy look because of the sugar on it. Actually, I haven’t copied the recipe for this but I will just give you what I have observed while my classmates were cooking this one.


-Unripe Bananas (in the Philippines, the “Saba” type of banana is usually good for this kind of cooking)

– Cooking Oil

– Sugar

– Water


  1. Heat the oil in a pan.
  2. Deep fry the bananas until golden brown.
  3. Place all the bananas in wide shallow container and set aside.
  4. In a jar, mix 1 cup of sugar and 3 cups of water and stir continuously.
  5. When the sugar has melted, pour the mixture on the fried bananas and mix thoroughly.
  6. Deep fry the bananas again for a few minutes.

There you go… this is very economical and perfect for daytime snacks.

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  1. i love banana chips too.. high calorie nga lang but so yummy.. esp. if covered with sugar/ honey 🙂

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