Dengue Outbreak

People are  cautious about mosquito bites because it might cause them dengue fever. Dengue Fever is a febrile disease which can be life threatening. That is why this disease is very dangerous to children as well as children. According to studies this disease manifest as a fever associated with muscle and joint pains and rash. Some of my friends are in the hospital right now because of dengue fever. I am praying that they will be better soon. I hope that God will also provide them with the finances that they will need in the hospital. I know how it feels to be thinking about hospital bills and other stuff. Good for people in North Carolina because they have NC short term health insurance and they don’t have to worry about hospital bills and other medical expenses.

Back to dengue outbreak, the Department of Health is now urging every individuals to participate in cleaning the environment. Clean those areas that have stagnant waters and keep yourself protected with insect repellents.

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