Driving in the Rain

Have you experienced driving in the rain? My husband find it uncomfortable to drive in the rain because he can’t see the road clearly. Even though  it’s nice to experience rainy season but most often it can cause danger during a long night drive.

A month ago, we were going home we experienced a heavy rain at the middle of the road. The sad part was that, we used our old car that has a defective air conditioner. What I did was I kept on wiping the windows so that hubby can have a clear view on where is heading.  That was truly a challenging experience for my hubby. We wanted to stop for a while and waited for the rain slow down a bit but at the same time we were very afraid because the streets were dark. So, we have no choice and continued driving even if we can’t see the road clearly. Thank God, we all arrived home safe and sound.

I wish we can have a better car. A car that can safely drive us especially on a heavy rain. A car that has full of safety accessories particularly wind deflectors or window visor.  Anyway, I know we can have this car of our dream in God’s own time.  I just need to be content of what we have and be thankful for every blessing that comes our way.  Thank you God for the rain!

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