I’m actually experiencing asthma symptoms for 5 days now. I’m so excited for the holiday season because this is a good time for me to do a lot of things with my hubby but sad to say, I was trapped in the house due to my asthma. I didn’t even have the chance to visit my mom’s place on Christmas day because I was already not feeling well. Having asthma is not easy because I can’t even have a good sleep because most of the time, I can’t breathe. There is tightness or pressure in the chest and most of the time there is shortness of breath. When I got to experience this, I usually avoid people so that I can’t talk because the more I talk the more that I can’t breathe. When I am about to sleep I usually experience wheezing (a whistling sound that occurs when exhaling) and coughing. This is very disturbing and I end up sleeping in a sitting position. My asthma is getting better now. I attended a meeting this morning but still I brought with me my nebulizer just in case. Hope to get well this New Year. Please pray for me!

(FYI: I’m using my nebulizer while doing this post. 🙂

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