Yummy Sunday 7: Greenwich Meal

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Here in the Philippines, we have this pizza and pasta store named Greenwich. Before, their pizzas wasn’t that good but now they have improved a lot especially in providing variety to their pizzas. The photo above is my usual snack if ever I happened to visit the store. I find this yummy and affordable.

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Happy Yummy Sunday!

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  1. Looks good to me and yummy!

  2. oh, i totally love it. thats our usual snack when we go out malling. my kids love it too.. yummy!

  3. That looks like a yummy meal.

  4. this is yummy pero busog pa lang ko Bogie…he..he…

    ..we had pizza party yesterday during sa baby shower ug hangtd karon sige pa mi kaon…LOL! maybe it will take months napod before mi order pizza kay mora natagbaw na jud mi ug pizza…he..he..


  5. We just ate pizza yesterday after our prayer retreat, then in the evening, the same day pizza pa rin, yet sarap pa rin….

  6. masarap talaga ang pizza lalo na sa pinas.

  7. i like their pizza ^_^ cheap na masarap pa^_^ yum yum

  8. i agree that their pizzas have improved. i used to hate greenwich but i actually like it now. which is good because yellow cab is so expensive. hehe. 🙂

    thanks for dropping by my site nga pla. exchange links tayo? 🙂

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