His Carpentry Shop

We love our farm! It’s a peaceful place, we have lots of produce, and the kids simply love riding the horses and playing with the goats. It makes going there every weekend worth the wait. Our farm is located almost 40 kilometers from the city and although it takes a long time for us to travel going there, we don’t really mind knowing that once we get there, we will be enjoying ourselves. My husband made us a little house that we can stay in during our weekend visits.

In our farm my husband also has his own carpentry shop; he loves carpentry and it’s his hobby. He has built his own hobby shop – a small-sized metal building where he does most of carpentry works. Compared to other metal buildings, his carpentry shop is so cute and cozy. He constructed it in between mango trees so the shade will help keep the inside of the metal building cool. He loves it so much he calls it ‘my small metal building’! I love it when I see him enjoying himself, and more than that, I am usually the recipient of his projects. Recently, he made a small vanity table for my walk-in closet, and I loved it!


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