Non 12 Steps Rehab Program: What Is It All About?

Drugs and alcohol addiction is one of the major problem in our society. Hence, a lot of efforts are geared towards rehabilitation of individuals who suffer such dependency. There are many ways sought for treatment of alcohol abuse and drug addiction. However, it was noticed that patients keep coming back after complete treatment are done. Now, experts came up with non 12 step rehab programs. This individualizes care to each patient to be able to cater to their individual needs. Hence, this type of treatment tries to address the problem by analyzing the patient’s mental and emotional needs.

Below are the lists of approach employed in a Non 12 Steps Rehab Program:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Supportive Therapy
Abstinence-Based Counseling
Couples and Family Therapy
Motivational Effectiveness
Patient Education

This approach was proven to be effective for the past decade. And hopefully there will be more drugs and alcohol dependents who will benefit from it on the years to come.

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