PDF Page Counter: What It Can Do

Do you handle a lot of documents in your line of work? Do you send numerous files to people and offices through the Internet? And do you have to keep tract of all these records? Keeping tract on all these documents can be a gigantic task; but not with a pdf page counter.

So what does a PDF page counter do? The nature of work being done by people today are a lot different from what it used to be 5 or even 10 years ago. Before, all office files were hard copy files, meaning they are documents written or typed in papers and kept in folders; stacked in a shelf or on drawers. In those days, paper was invaluable; important documents were processed and saved in papers. In today’s workplace, however, we live in an almost paperless environment. Documents, from the simple list to the most confidential files are kept in soft copies; stored in disks or other saving devices – definitely no longer using paper. One very popular form of document now in called PDF; and unlike paper, PDF pages can be saved by the thousands in one single file. Having a PDF page counter then is very invaluable; its just a software all must have.

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