The Chocolate Fountain

It was such a lovely site when I first saw a chocolate fountain. I like the presentation of the chocolate because it looks unique and fun. I tried it and thought to have it in a children’s party. I’m sure kids would love to dip in mallows and of course their fingers into this yummy fountain. We tried it in our church’s Christmas Party. The funny thing was it didn’t last longer since the kids were glued to it and they consumed it in less than an hour. Anyway, the important thing is they had so much fun.

For most parties and special events, the chocolate fountain is now being used to add beauty to the occasion. To some, instead of having a very big cake on their wedding, they will just have to choose a simple cake and have a chocolate fountain. I love to have this during my wedding but I’m already out of budget at that time. Anyway, if you have the money why not have this one.

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  1. oi, kalami ba. ayo2x sa imong cooking career. nice to be here!

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