The Importance of Preventative Care

Preventative care is when you see a doctor just to ensure your body is working right and showing no signs that anything is wrong. The typical preventative care is going for an annual checkup at the doctors or a six-month cleaning at the dentist. The idea is to stop problems before they even occur through administering care or providing suggestions, such as to lose weight or quit smoking. There are quite a few reasons why preventative care is important.
Prevent Disease
Perhaps the biggest benefit of preventative care is that it can help prevent diseases. Click here to learn more about preventative care. A good example of this is immunizations. While there aren’t many you need as an adult, children should get all the recommended vaccinations on schedule. It is through vaccines that diseases like smallpox have been completely wiped out in the U.S. Getting immunizations helps protect you from the resurgence of diseases and stop you from getting prevalent diseases.

Another example is getting regular checkups at the dentist. By keeping your teeth in good condition, you avoid issues like cavities and gum disease. Tartar build up can lead to both, but during a cleaning any tartar is removed and your gums and teeth are checked for any issues.

Catch Diseases Early
Getting an annual exam allows your doctor to create a baseline for your health. He or she is better able to notice changes or issues that could be a sign of trouble. In addition, during a routine exam, a doctor may prescribe testing to look for potential problems. If you maintain a regular schedule for routine checkups, many diseases can be caught early, which can mean the difference between life and death.

Correct Issues that Could Lead to Problems
Routine checkups also allow your doctor to watch out for issues that could lead to problems later. For example, someone who walks on the outside of their feet could be setting themselves up for foot issues in the future or someone who isn’t flossing could be setting themselves up for gum disease. If a doctor sees these issues, they can take steps to educate the patients and lead them towards correct their behaviors to prevent issues in the future.

Keep Older Adults Healthy
As a person ages, it becomes much more difficult to recover from illnesses or injuries. When an older adult maintains regular care, he or she may be able to prevent issues that could lead to major health issues. In addition, regular checkups can make doctors aware of issues that could require more help, like that explained by the University of Cincinatti. In turn, this helps to keep older adults more independent and may even allow them to avoid having to go into a nursing home.

Preventative care is a good thing. It is often touted by insurance companies because it does help to keep people healthier. By getting a checkup even when you don’t feel sick, you are better able to stay on top of your health and prevent illness and disease. It is the best way to help keep yourself healthy.

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