Yummy Sunday 71: Chicken Wings

These are Chicken Wings from Siam (by Krua Thai). At first glance, we were all laughing because the chicken wings looks malnourished. But when we tasted it, it was delicious.

Happy Yummy Sunday!

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  1. w/c is better, “thai me up” or “siam”? base on your 2 entires (the fish and this one) siam has the advantage.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    korek! parang ang payat ng servings, buti nakabawi sa lasa

  2. Naa bitaw na dari Gie..murag chicken bones nlng gyd nabilin.. wlay meat..ganhn si Jesu.. reklamo dayon si Lyle.. “Why Appa is eating bones?”

  3. hmmm….miss eating chicken wings this time….cge ra man gud ko lechon…:)

    aw mao diay na ako entry…pls visit…:)

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