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  1. w/c is better, “thai me up” or “siam”? base on your 2 entires (the fish and this one) siam has the advantage.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    korek! parang ang payat ng servings, buti nakabawi sa lasa

  2. That looks so good! Happy Sunday!

  3. yummy! happy sunday!

  4. Hehehe…chicken wings sa’yo, chicken feet naman sa akin. hehehe

  5. wow!! so this is a thai restaurant there in cdo? i would love to visit when I go home.. by the way, how can I grab the yummy sunday badge? thanks!!

  6. The appearance shows it is delicious! Something to try!

  7. Chicken—my favorite!

  8. Naa bitaw na dari Gie..murag chicken bones nlng gyd nabilin.. wlay meat..ganhn si Jesu.. reklamo dayon si Lyle.. “Why Appa is eating bones?”

  9. hmmm….miss eating chicken wings this time….cge ra man gud ko lechon…:)

    aw mao diay na ako entry…pls visit…:)

  10. nakakagutom naman, i love chicken wings, in whatever size, twists and tastes ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Starting a new this New Year 2011. Joining!!

  12. Pagkalami ba ani uy…

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