Sweet Baskets

When you know that someone has had a bad day or is experiencing something that would just make that person depressed or unhappy, then consider making care packages in the form of candy gift baskets. This idea can also be used for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions as you can customize the basket in… Continue reading Sweet Baskets

It’s My Mom’s Birthday!

Today is my mom’s 57th birthday. I am thankful to God for giving me a mom like her. I’m planning to treat her for a special dinner tonight. I hope she will be available. A Blessed Birthday to the best Mom in the world!

My Father’s Eyes

When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day I don’t find this day an exciting day for me, because I never had the opportunity to celebrate it with my biological Father.¬†¬†Although most of relatives would tell me that I got my father’s talent in singing, sketching and the ability do a lot of things. He left… Continue reading My Father’s Eyes