Eating at Greenwich Pizza (Part 1)

My hubby and I love to eat at Greenwich Pizza because we like their spaghetti and fried chicken. We often eat Greenwich Ororama because it is near to the place where we hold our church meetings. We love their food but there is this long time of WAITING. They will tell you that your order will be available in 10 to 15 minutes but it could even reach 30 minutes.

One time, we ordered for a fried chicken and a spaghetti  again. The lady told us that their chicken will be available for 20 minutes. They asked us if we are willing to wait. We told them we can’t wait that long, so we opt for another order.  We were there in our table waiting for our order to be served. I guess it’s already 20 minutes more and yet the food is not yet there. We could have ordered a chicken instead because the waiting time is still the same. After a few minutes, I saw the other table being served with their order.  I saw that there order was a fried chicken, so I stood up about to burst because of the delay of my order. But then, I still tried to control my temper and asked one of their staff.  I told them “I did not order for a fried chicken because you told me that it will going to take for 20 minutes. Hoping I will not be waiting that long, I opted for another order. But then, why is my food still not available? Can I replace my order with the chicken instead? The lady replied “ Oh mam, that can’t be because we have already recorded your order…. “ What??? My appetite for food was really lost at that time. Their manager saw me and said it’s okay.  Thank God!!! I immediately asked them to just pack my order and decided to just eat in the car.

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  1. tsk..tsk..tsk.. it’s annoying to be in these ‘fast food’ outlets.. we’re also experiencing the same thing here, the crew just take their own special time chatting and doing their work so slow while you’re already so hungry or kids are cranky..tsk..tsk..tsk

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