A Chat With The Nutritionists

When I was invited on the birthday celebration by my high school friend Sheryl, I got the opportunity to meet and talk to her co-workers. Sheryl is a Nutritionist by profession and so are her co-workers. I was so amazed while talking to them because I got some additional information about food, diet and diseases that were cause by wrong choice of food. One of the topics that we have talked about was on the issue on diet. They said that it is never good to go on Fruit diet alone, because you will end up having gastritis. If you also opt to go on a pure vegetable diet, you will also end up being a weakling. According to them the best thing that you need to do is to have a BALANCE diet. Because a balanced diet enables us to obtain all essential nutrients present in a wide range of foods. It also provides a good supply of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients ensuring optimum health.

While listening to them, I was a bit conscious and tried to check what’s inside my plate. Thank God, I made the right choice of food that night.(LOL!)

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  1. mao!I agree with you,bogs.I don’t starve my self pra diet2 kay mawala unya ang T madie na especially ako kay naay hyper acidity.balance diet nlang gyud pero lessen ang carbo.tnx for sharing

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