Food Trip Friday # 1: Grilled Liver with Onions

This is what we ate last Friday, “Grilled Liver with Onions.  My uncle  ordered this from Bagong Lipunan, one of the famous yet affordable restaurant here in Cagayan de Oro City.  For those people who are fond of eating liver, they will surely love this one, but as for me I preferred  a liver dish that is cooked in tomato sauce.

This is my very first entry for:

Food Trip Friday

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  1. I am always on the lookout for liver recipes…kasi my son has iron deficiency, I will look for one like this. Thanks!

  2. This is hubby’s specialty, although he never tried grilling it,but I’ll let him do it this Summer, our grilling season. 🙂

  3. All I can say is: eeek, liver!

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  4. this looks a bit pale for a liver.:p
    i enjoy liver steak…with lots of onions.

  5. aw! yum yum!!! 😀

    hihihhihi salamat sa dalw!

  6. I don’t eat liver but this one looks good. Mine is up – My Food Entry

  7. Mukhang masarap. I’ve never had that but I love liver!

  8. new recipe for liver. i wish that my kids eat liver too..

  9. that’s liver? i thought it’s liempo, hahaha! my in-laws prepare their grilled liempo that way.

    I am sorry for the super late blog-hopping. If you haven’t visited yet, here is my Food Trip Friday (April 1 issue) entry: Lunch at Chowking

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