Lucky Me Pancit Canton

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Lucky Me Pancit Canton is the Philippines’ most loved noodles. It’s also my favorite. I remember during my college days, this was always my afternoon snacks. Until today, this is also one of my afternoon and midnight snacks. This comes in a variety of flavor. I love the “chilimansi” (combination of chili and lemon) flavor while my husband loves the “hot chili flavor” which is indeed very spicy. I like to eat this with bread. Most Filipinos love this because aside from being affordable, it is also easy to cook and the taste is really good. I’ve heard many Filipinos abroad asked their relatives to send them this noodle.

Oh, my stomach is grumbling already… c’mon let’s eat my Lucky Me Pancit Canton.

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  1. gave ko rin chili flavor nila!! and nissin spicy yakisoba 😀

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