DOH on Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or commonly known as e-cigarettes has been developed first in Beijing. It is an electronic device that looks like a real cigarette and it stimulates the act of tobacco smoking.

In the Philippines, the use of electronic cigarettes or E-cigs has become very popular among young Filipinos. However, the Department of Health warned the public recently that using e-cigs are not advisable to people who wanted to quit smoking.

According to Anthony Leachon, (DOH consultant) e-cigarettes could not help a person because as you are using it, you don’t actually kick the habit and you can easily go back to smoking. The better way to quit is to consult a doctor and seek proper counseling and medication.

E-cigars have been marketed recently as a way to quit smoking but the reality is that there is no evidence to prove the claim. Moreover, smokers are also encourage to use it because it has no nicotine content. But the truth about it is that, e-cigarettes are being flavored to cover the taste of nicotine so consumers won’t think that there is nicotine in it. So if you think using e-cigarettes will help you quit smoking, you better have to think twice and check out all the pros and cons about it.

(Source:, January 21, 2013 news)

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