It’s February 14! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! How will you celebrate your Valentine’s Day? For me, I’m in a busy mode right now. We will be having a church activity this morning and hubby and I are both busy. So I guess I will just have to forget about it. We’ll just celebrate it the following day. (ha.ha.)

To all Yummy Sunday participants, please bear with me… I’m still looking for a Valentine food to post. I’ll be posting the meme at 2:oo PM, Philippine time. Just leave a comment if you’re done with your post.

See you later guys!

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  1. i came back for mclinky, im done with my post.. haha. enjoy your valentines day!

  2. Though Im so busy with the TRUE LOVE CONCERT,,, nakasingit pa gyud ug post for yummy sunday. This is how I love this Meme..

  3. ai.. wala ko sa blogroll.. ako 3 ka with PJ..add if you will have time..

  4. Hi Bogie, happy valentine’s day!

    My link is this Kindly add na lang po sa Mc Linky, tutulog na ako, mwah!

  5. happy Valentine’s Day to you and your dear. See you soon!

  6. Happy Happy valentine too!!

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