Happy Valentines Day!

It’s February 14! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! How will you celebrate your Valentine’s Day? For me, I’m in a busy mode right now. We will be having a church activity this morning and hubby and I are both busy. So I guess I will just have to forget about it. We’ll just celebrate it the following day. (ha.ha.)

To all Yummy Sunday participants, please bear with me… I’m still looking for a Valentine food to post. I’ll be posting the meme at 2:oo PM, Philippine time. Just leave a comment if you’re done with your post.

See you later guys!

7 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!”

  1. Though Im so busy with the TRUE LOVE CONCERT,,, nakasingit pa gyud ug post for yummy sunday. This is how I love this Meme..

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