Magnum Ice Cream Craze

It was a few months ago that I saw a lot of Magnum ice cream photos on Facebook. I was wondering why people are talking about it and even made it their Facebook status and it was even a trending topic in most social networking sites. I was asking myself “What’s in that Magnum ice cream that people are crazy about?”. However, despite the popularity of it in social networking sites, I still didn’t bother to try it.

Until one day…

I was at SaveMore sitting on the bench waiting for someone. My little cousin was with me that day and he was a bit bored waiting. While we were there, we saw a Magnum Ice Cream freezer in front of us. It was sold  for P50.00 only. I told my cousin to buy one so we can try it. He refused because he feels like not eating ice cream that day. I told him that it was the ice cream that people are talking about on Facebook. He was excited. So we tried it.


At first bite, he said… “Oh Yummy, it taste like chocolate!”

I was laughing because he was really eating chocolate flavored ice cream.

What do you mean? I said. “It taste like eating a real chocolate bar”, he said.



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  1. That Magnum ice cream bar looks really delectable.

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