IMG_0126Hello everyone! I’m having a simple giveaway for all Yummy Sunday participants for this week. It’s my 10th Yummy Sunday post so I would love to give something to all of you guys. To some bloggers who started YS a long time ago it’s okay if it’s not anymore you’re 10th post what’s important is you are still joining the meme.

To all YS participants for this week, you will have the chance to own this simple green silk shawl. You can use this as a tablecloth or as an accent to your Christmas decors. Anyway, all you have to do is make a post about your Favorite Food, with a photo of course. 😀 Invite others too by mentioning in your post that I’m having a give away. I will pick one winner randomly and I will announce it next week. 😀

Here’s my entry for this week: “Grilled Pork”


I have posted this at my other site Bogie’s Wonderland.

So what are you waiting for? Join now by leaving a link to Mr. Linky below and leave a comment after linking.

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  1. Nice green, sorry I forgot about the “favorite food theme” Happy Anniversary though.

  2. Happy Anniversary… what is this food? I don’t know. I guess, it’s delicious…

  3. Wow, I like green but I don’t know the name of this food.
    Lami siguro …

  4. kala ko nakabalot sa shawl ang food entry mo, hahaha.

    happy 10th week!

    sali ako ha…

  5. ha ha kala ko din nakabalon yung food, e kung di ko binasa, di ko alam kung meron bang food dyan haa haaa…pero infairness bogs, he he ako huna huna sa una nako na nakita ana ko unique au imong foods kay chada ug cover haa…. anyway, I miss to join this contest kay na andam na daan ako yummy sunday, happy 10th week 😉

  6. nalingaw ko sa comments.grabe akong katawa.daghan day mi napalaw.joker!

  7. wow, it’s nice of you sis to have some giveaways to Yummy Sunday participants.. I’ll try to join who knows I’ll have the chance to grab that nice shawl you are giving..

  8. Hi Bogie, I have my entry here in this blog for Yummy Sunday. Thanks for inviting me over to join the meme.. I will be joining from now on!!!!

    My entry is here:

  9. Beautiful tablecloth. Wish I could qualify, but I kind of have something going for my regular readers right now.

  10. wow, so yummy here! na-miss ko ang yummy sunday.

    happy 10th yummy sunday!

  11. Hello Bogie..hope to exlinks. I will join here and post my yummy sunday post 🙂 if it is okay.
    Added you already.


  12. […] are my favorite partner for a cold glass of juice or even softdrink.. or even just water… Yummy Sunday is on its 10th at Perfectly Blended.. Join […]

  13. hi bogs! ngita sa ko ug pic sa akong favorite food. tnx for inviting 😉

  14. i thought dsaug nako kay pagopen nako naa man ka commeny…joke joke

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