Our Wedding Cake

Today is our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary and I would like to share to you our wedding cake. It’s a semi-fondant pink cake made by a family friend who owns a famous bakeshop here in Cagayan de Oro. It’s a four layered cake with five satellite cakes. I was the one who chose the design of the cake because I wanted it to fit to my desired butterfly wedding theme. The cake’s flavor is rainbow cream and I can truly say that it tasted so good. I can’t believe it when I saw all our guest kept coming back for the cake, because they said it was so yummy and some said it tasted like ice cream. Other people also got curious about the butterfly design which gives them the question whether it is edible or not. But everything on that cake was edible. The butterfly decors on the cake were very nice and I just love it. The flowers and the five satellite cakes were given just for free.

By the way, the day before the wedding the owner of the shop sent me a big cake for the family. She told me that it was a sample cake and according to her, it would be better for us to have a taste of the cake because we might not be able to have piece of it during the wedding time, and it was indeed true. I thank her so much for her kindness and for providing us a nice and beautiful wedding cake.

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