A Car for Newbie Drivers

Two years ago, I enrolled myself in a 16 – hour driving course. The driving lesson was fun but a bit scary especially driving on busy roads. Though I have completed the recommended 16- hour driving lesson, my instructor was not satisfied with my driving skills and I still need to extend for 3 more days for me to be ready for the driving examination.

Because of my busy schedule I wasn’t able to comply with the 3 day requirement. My husband told me to use his car so I can practice at home after my work. Sad to say, I find his car so huge and it is so difficult for me to maneuver especially in learning how to park. We have a small surplus car at home which is a good vehicle for me to use while practicing how to drive but I am not so sure about its brakes and gears. So, I need a better vehicle so I can learn to drive the easy way.

My husband told me that I should start of with a smart car. A cute and trendy car which is perfect especially for women. I immediately search online on what smart cars there are for sale and I find a lot of smart cars to choose from. People can actually choose from different brands like Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and many others. There were also different designs which were created to suit every drivers’ needs. There’s even an electric smart car which is a good choice for people who really have the money.

While browsing online, I find smart cars to be very cute. Honestly, I fell in love with it when I first saw it. I find it the perfect car to match my driving skills. Learning how to drive using the smart car will be very easy as it has an automated manual transmission. It will surely accelerate my driving skills because I don’t worry about changing gears anymore. I hope we can have our own smart car soon. It will surely be a great help for me in my work and daily activities. It will help me save time and money in going to different places around the city.

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  1. i never went to a driving lesson because they’re not only costly, uncomfortable as well. I had my girl friend taught me how to drive. We drove over an hour in the neighborhood and i did it, days later i started driving on the freeway with 70 mph speed. I took the test written and actual, fortunately i pass both exam 😀 happy me i’m an official California driver since last yr.

  2. as long as you are paying double attention to the road and to the other cars, that would def prevent you from crashing, uncomfortable at first however, if you keep driving you’ll get used to it and you’ll learn more techniques and speed aside from what you’ve learn during your driving school

  3. Ok ka pa bogs nag start na ng driving lesson. Me? Until now wala pa. I am really afraid to drive specially now with CDeO’s traffic and undisciplined drivers. Waaah… ga palpitate ko!!

  4. I find it so affordable to take driving lessons there. Too bad I haven’t enrolled in one when I was there. Driving lessons here where I live costs $50 an hour. It is too much for me. So I had to learn driving through the husband’s help. Our patience, er, impatience have been tested. But it all worked well in the end. I wish here is just like Pinas where the availability of a public commute is 24/7. If it is, I wouldn’t have to drive coz it’s the easiest way. 😀

    Go for a smart car! Well, it is for sure expensive. But it is automatic so learning how to drive is a lot easier than the manual one. 🙂

  5. Just yesterday we saw a sign that says driving school would teach for 35 USD only! I mean, that’s cheap, right? Maybe we should inquire there so I will have the guts to drive here in Bkk. Then maybe I could buy one of those cars! LOL!

  6. Smart cars is indeed a smart option for newbies who want to learn how to drive. I don’t know how to drive a car yet and if I’ll decide to drive one, i would love to start with a smart car.

  7. I thought of enrolling so I can learn to drive but I am afraid that I will just waste money because I do not have a car and I can’t imagine having one with the kind of pay I am receiving ^^ so i just drive myself in sleep. i love the smart car designs. looks so handy. but i still doubt because i am a tarantada

  8. I took a driving lesson , coz me and hubby will surely be arguing if he’d teach me how to drive…lol…but he did taught me on the day before my driving test 😉

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