My cousin is so insecure about her face because she has dark circles around her eyes.When we were still little kids we used to make fun of her and call her panda bear. She will laugh about it but most of the time she cried. One of her solution is to cover her the dark circles with a very thick powder or use her mom’s concealer but her mom wouldn’t allow her yet because she was just a little girl.

When she was already in college, I noticed a lot of changes in her face. She has turned into a lovely lady and her face just looks so radiant. I asked her about the changes and she told me that she placed a cream that would hide dark circles around eyes . I am not sure if the dark circles where treated because of that cream but the change in her face is just so amazing. Whenever she is reminded of the panda bear story during our childhood, she would just laugh about it and she’s now proud of how she looks.

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