According to Mr.Beryl Musser, a Canadian marriage counsellor, you should discuss these potential financial minefields before walking down the aisle.

1. Bank Accounts – Will you have joint or separate accounts? One solution: a joint account for paying bills and saving, and a separate accounts for personal spending.

2. Paying the Bills – Will expenses be split? What will each spouse contribute? If one earns more than the other, how will you deal with individual purchases?

3. Financial Values – There are spenders (“You only live once”); Builders (who see money as a tool to reach specific goals); givers (who spend freely on others, but often deprive themselves); and savers (the conservatives who worry about a rainy day.) Where are you and your spouse on that scale? Can you compromise?

Granted talking about your financial expectations may not be the most romantic conversation you’ll have with your spouse, but it can, potentially, be a marriage saver.

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