Yummy Sunday 53: Sotanghon

Hello everyone! I’m sorry about last Sunday because of some problems about my webhost provider. The server was down for the last 24 hours and I wasn’t able to access this blog last week. Good thing, this site is now transferred to a new webhost provider and I find it very stable compared to  the old one. Thanks to Mommy Ruby of Mom’s Hosting.

Last week, the parents of my student gave me “Sotanghon”. These parents has a food business and whenever they cook something new, they allowed me to have a taste of it. I am so thankful for generous parents like them… Talking about the Sotanghon, it was indeed delicious!

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  1. wow, love sotanghon jud, with slice bread dyun, yummy!

  2. It’s one of my favorite…. mouth watering sotanghon! I love it!

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