4 Ways to Bond With Your Pet

pet bonding
This is lucky, our cute dog.

Nowadays, pets are a huge part of our lives. From detecting intruders to providing comfort, a pet can be a part of the family. With pet-bonding, it does not take much to make them also feel at home. Whether you have a dog, cat, or armadillo, the animals in your life deserve a few key things to be happy. These include toys, good food, space, and bonding time.


We have toys ourselves. So why not get some for your pets? It is easier to find them with current technology; you can shop online. A simple search like vet products direct sell cat toys online can yield what you need. Not sure if your cat will like the toy? You could also keep the box it came in. Cats seem to love cardboard boxes.

For dogs, they are a little easier to buy for. They seem to gravitate towards soccer balls, ropes, and squeak toys. If you keep an open mind (and the receipts), you can find a toy your pet will love. When you play with them, it gives them a sense of belonging.

Good Food

This one may be a little harder. Food is more expensive than toys, and your pet can be much pickier with it. If you adopted from a shelter, you can ask them what food they were using. The same goes for adopting from a private owner. The people that owned the animal before may be more helpful. In either case, feeding your animal needs to be a top priority. If they do not eat, they will not have the energy to play with you or guard your house. Start with a cheaper food type and be mindful of which your animal likes the most. If they clean their bowl and do not get sick, then you have found a winner.


Everyone could use some space, including your pets. It is good to be aware of how much space you have in your home before adopting. For example, it may not be the best idea to purchase a rather large dog breed like a Great Dane if you live in a studio apartment. If you have a large yard to keep the dog, it may work out.

You can look at websites like these to see where you can take your pet when you are out and about. It is most likely a dog world outside, but perhaps a cat or two may be welcome. You may be cautioned against bringing more exotic pets to urban locales. Check with your state’s laws as to which pets are legal to own.

Bonding Time

This is the most important. Your pet needs time to get to know you. Whether you just received your cat, or you have had your dog for years, they love you and need to spend time with you. This can be as simple as brushing them, petting them after feeding, or playing with them with their toys. Remember, your pets are there for companionship, and they should be treated with respect.

The next time you are thinking about how to make your pet feel happy, just remember to give them toys, space, and love. Of course, do not forget to feed them!

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