A Visit to the Doctor

I went to the doctor last Saturday to have my throat check. I had pharyngitis a month ago, and I needed to see if it’s okay now. I was sitting there on the hospital lobby waiting for my turn to be called. While waiting, I saw this male nurse passing by wearing scrubs that is too tight. I haven’t seen medical uniforms as tight as his so it got my attention because it’s not very pleasing to the eye.

I don’t know if the nurse intended his uniform to be tight but in today’s time, most medical uniforms are already manufactured in such a way that hospital personnel are comfortable with their uniforms. Other companies provide fashionable doctor scrubs or nursing scrubs which are available in different colors and patterns. There are also fashionable scrubs for men that are available online. You can actually find mens lab coats, mens scrub pants and more. Anyway, I hope that nurse can take time to search online and find a uniform that suits him.

Back to my medical check-up. I was glad to find out that my throat is already okay. I don’t anymore need to take anti-biotics. All I have to do is gargle often and avoid cold drinks and foods. That’s means I can’t  eat ice cream yet. (sigh)

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