Blogging Can Be a Great Side Income


When I first started A Taste of My Life, I never planned for it to become one of my sources to earn money. I just wanted it to be an online diary of my food discovery and how it relates to my experiences in life. Soon after creating this blog, I realized it was a good opportunity for me to earn money. Not only that, but it also gave me an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.

If you want to have a side income this year, here are reasons why you should give blogging a try.

Blogging enables you to tell your story.

I am not a journalist. I also do not call myself a writer. However, blogging gave me a platform where I can share my story. My blogging mentor was my cousin and she told me to write what is from my heart and what is my passion. Soon after, I began writing stories that serve as an inspiration to those who may read them.

Blogging helps you improve your writing skills.

The first blog posts that I wrote were all about the foods that I tried cooking. I did not write much but it was sort of sharing my experience as I cooked the food. There wasn’t much writing style to it and there were no strict rules as I write those blog posts. However, when I get paid to write about brands or a product I made sure that my writing style fits the requirements of the brand.

As I look back, I have realized that blogging has helped me improve my writing skills. I get motivated to write my best when a relative gives me feedback about my recent blog post and how they wanted to read more of the stories I shared. As many people are reading my blog, I made sure that I share inspiring and relevant stories and my writing are free from errors.

Blogging helps you promote your brand or business.

If you have a business, blogging can help your business get exposure. I do not have a business, but as a blogger, I had the opportunity to help business owners in their campaigns for brand awareness. Most of the time, I get paid for helping them promote their business as an influencer.

Blogging allows you to learn new skills.

At first, I thought blogging is all about writing and sharing inspiring stories. But blogging also enables me to learn web graphics, photography skills, web hosting, WordPress, content management, preparing content calendars, and many others. 

Blogging opens door to a lot of opportunities.

Blogging enabled me to connect to different kinds of people. I have met business owners, politicians, CEOs through blogging. These connections have expanded my horizon and have allowed me to try different things aside from blogging.

I had the opportunity to be a resource speaker sharing information about social media, blogging, mobile photography, and writing photo captions. It was a humbling experience because, through blogging, I was able to master different skills. 

I have also met bloggers from different parts of our country. It was a great opportunity to meet people who share the same interest and passions as yours. 

If you are planning to start blogging this year, the best time to start is now. Blogging may not be a quick answer for cash, as it takes time and hard work. But the results, in the long run, are truly rewarding. 

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