ice candyI remember when I was in grade school I often buy ice candy from a “Sari-sari” store near our school. The ice candy was very popular at that time that whenever you find a store may it big or small, there’s always a signage that says “Ice Candy for Sale”. My mom happened to sell ice candy too. Our neighbors were our frequent buyers. It was still very cheap during those times. Prices vary from 50 centavos up to 1 peso. Today, the ice candy is already sold at 5 pesos.

Last week, we had mangoes at home and it was so ripe already that I decided to make an ice candy. A mango flavored ice candy is one of the favorites here in the Philippines. So, there I mixed it all together and place it in an ice candy plastic wrapper. After that I place them all in the freezer.

When it was all frozen, I was excited to have a taste of it but I have a cough. Anyway, I tried a small portion and gave it to my hubby. It was yummy and it taste like ice cream. Who ate all my ice candy? Well, I gave it to our visitors and they loved it. LOL!

(hmmm… I will also give some to all my blogger friends who made a comment on this post.LOL!)

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