United-Nations-300x300United Nations Day (UN Day) is observed annually worldwide on 24 October to commemorate the founding of the United Nations in October 1945. To celebrate UN Day 2009, our school (Little Evangel Christian School) planned to have a program wherein kids will be representing different countries of the world. I was tasked to prepare the entire flow of the program. Although we have done this activity many times already, I’m still having difficulty on what to with the program because I wanted to be unique and not the same with the UN Day last year.

The parents of our pupils are now excited with their kid’s costumes and their flags. Our UN Day is on October 24, 2009 (Saturday), 1:00 PM. Until now, I’m still thinking about my costume for this occasion. Anyway, I still have today to finalize everything…my costume, the program and etc.

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  1. I am sure tsada gyud imong costume ug angayan ka. lol!

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