Yummy Sunday 12: Doughnuts


Hello everyone! It’s Sunday once again and it’s time for sharing your yummy food photos. I’m very sorry that I’m late because of internet connection problems. Anyway, the photo above are yummy doughnuts given by my sister in law as her “pasalubong” from Manila. It’s a doughnut from “GO NUTS, DOUGHNUTS”. These doughnuts are especially made for travelers who wants to bring presents for their loved ones when they get home. I consumed the first doughnut on the left. It’s really yummy!


  1. wow, did you know that i’m a nuts gonuts monster and that’s where i named after my blogsite. this is so yummy. my entry is up after missing few entries here. I so love donuts!!

  2. sweetness! i’d love to have that square one on the right corner. it looks soo gooey hihi. hope you can visit my first entry!

  3. Hi Boogie, my first time to join your meme… Is there a theme to post? Cos i have seen donuts at Mommy Nuts too? Anyhow, here’s my first yummy sunday entry.

  4. Hello chubs.. welcome and thanks for joining. There’s no theme… you can post whatever food you like to share. 🙂

  5. wow! Go Nuts Doughnuts are my fave too. I remember before nakipaglinya pa ko sa Glorieta just to buy and taste Go Nuts Doughnuts. hehehe….:)

  6. Wow, donuts seem to be popular during Sundays, huh. I just got back from another blog featuring Krispy Kreme LOL!

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