A year ago our DLP projector’s bulb got busted. We wanted to have the bulb replaced but we couldn’t find a bulb that suits it. We’ve searched all the shops that sell replacement light bulbs but to no avail. There was one shop offered to have the bulb ordered abroad but it will take more than a month to have the item. Added to it, it cost around 8,000 for a bulb alone. Since the replacement bulb for our DLP projector was quiet expensive, we have decided not to buy a replacement bulb anymore, instead we will just have to buy a new projector which is a practical choice. The old DLP projector was left unused until it was totally destroyed by the flood last December.

However, while browsing online I found affordable coded light bulbs which cost only around 15USD to 20USD. I find it very affordable and I remembered our old DLP projector. Why is the replacement light bulb so expensive here in our city? If only I knew about bulbs and its price, the projector might have been saved until today. Anyway, I guess I know what to do next time when the light bulb gets busted. I now have a solution where to find replacement bulbs for our projector.

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