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  1. too tempting, dear…but, i’ll pass…coffee na lang sakin:)

  2. oh, Coke pala ‘to…akala ko sago’t gulaman. hehe
    it’s been a while since i had Coke…

  3. As much as I wanted to resist, Coke wins all the time 🙂 Visiting you via FTF.

  4. ha ha ha… ako rin kala ko sago at gulaman! lol! Yeah,nothing beats coke…ika nga eh,coke adds life! makainom nga nito mamaya…habang wala pa mga kids ko.. lol!

  5. i just had! and want some more hehehe!

    visiting from FTF!

    see yah, thanks!

  6. perfect for a very hot day! =)

    mine is up! A SAHM Reviews.Net

  7. Yup,I am thirsty and i think I’ll get my can of Pepsi! lol!

  8. So busy to link up tomorrow bogs… pls link. ty.

  9. ga inum pud baya ko ug coke…pero maki mountain dew ko hehehe

  10. thank you! water na lang po ako…not a coke drinker, eh…minsan sprite or royal kapag walang choice! hehehe! pero kung juice yan, i’ll get the other glass, hehehe! visiting from FTF, have a great week! 🙂

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