Yummy Sunday 72: Chiffon Cake

This is one of my favorite cake. Even though it’s the cheapest cake in town, I like this because it’s very light. Compared to butter cakes it is low in saturated fat which is good for women who loves to eat cake and doesn’t want to get fat. I also love to eat this with coffee.

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  1. home baked?

    beside from its low fat content, i like this one too since its not too sweet and its very versatile.

  2. You’re right! Happy Sunday!

  3. i like this too 🙂 Happy Sunday

  4. Wow yummy cake. Happy YM! Mine is ready.

  5. yummy, sometimes it’s yummier pag mas simple 🙂

  6. ayay! murag mao na dapat akong kan-on kay dli kaau tam-is….am craving kasi for Red Ribbon choco moist cake…tsk tsk tsk….a big NO NO for me this time!

    mine is up now!

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