Yummy Sunday #153: Fruit Salad

Hello everyone! It’s Yummy Sunday once again. Thank you for joining last week. 🙂


This is the fruit salad which my students made last July in celebration for the Nutrition Month. It’s a mixture of various kinds of fruits, including banana, avocado, watermelon and mango. The kids enjoyed slicing each fruit with the help of their parents. As you can see some of the fruits were not cut evenly but despite that it tasted really good.

I’m sure you all have your yummy food photos ready. Post them now and link them up here.

Happy Yummy Sunday!

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  1. Nom-nom… i always prefer fresh fruit salad compared to cocktail ones. 🙂

  2. yummy…i miss that… dropping my entry Bogs.

  3. Your fruit salad looks really yummy and creamy 🙂
    I’m joining again for this week! Hope you visit 🙂

  4. That sure looks delicious! I also like the pastel colors of the fruits. 🙂

  5. fruit salad is my expertise bec. it’s so easy to prepare..he..he…I’m drooling right now just watching your fruit salad-so creamy!!! wala kaming nestle cream dito eh:(

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