garlic1I like to add garlic in my cooking. For me, this is the most basic ingredient I used in all of my cooking. Adding garlic, adds taste and flavour and it can also enhance your cooking. For some they don’t like garlic becuase it can cause bad breath. I think all spices can cause bad breath, but let’s just be reminded to brush our teeth after eating such.

Garlic is so popular becuase it’s good for our health. It prevents blood clot and keep blood pressure down. It has also healthy heart benefits.That is why my aunt gives some garlic tablets to my mom becuase my mom has high blood pressure. Aside from health benefits, I also used this as my pet’s anti-itch remedy. I have read a book for dogs where it suggest ways to limit dog lice.One of the remedies stated on that book is to include garlic in your dogs food. I am trying it this time, but hasn’t seen the effect yet but I hope it will work.

So if you’re not into loving garlic yet, try it this time because its good for your heart.

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